Why I hate pop
Why I hate boy/girl bands
Why I hate Britney Spears
Dissecting a Pop CD
Oops I did it again
Its Gonna be Me
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'Revealing' pictures

Nsync on stage after a prankster emptied fire ants into their shorts. It made no difference in their act though.

That dude from westlife before he had intensive corrective surgery. He presently has 3.67 pounds of plastic on various parts of his body. 3.5 pounds were needed to bring his genitalia (not shown here) to respectable size.

An insider peek into who really runs nsync.. Alice Cooper. Please note the corrections to the title and name of the album.

Britney continuing her soul searching, now dresses up as Alice Cooper, only to have her ass kicked (yet again) by every fan of his.

A backstreet boy. This is a rare photograph taken during a family reunion.