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I hate Britney Spears

Britney With Cradle of Filth

Britney Spears is one of the prime examples of the depth producers and managers of pop music can stoop to, to sell their products.
Her image has been continually updated from teenage tease belting out provocative lyrics to a full-fledged slut.
She being true to her part as shed herself of all dignity losing most of her clothing in the process. She has adopted the mannerisms of a stripper and picked up the annoying habit of orgasming her way through most of her videos (see 'I'm a slave for you' and 'I love rock and roll'). People criticise rock for its blatant references to sex, yet they ignore the (not very subtly) hidden sexual content in pop at whose forefront stands Britney Spears. Whose videos seem to be selling sex more than her music (if you can call it music).
She is legally prostituting herself in every video she shoots and in every record she cuts. She truly is a puppet in the hands of producers and managers, the pimps.
She is merely a slutty face and big tits selling songs written and composed by individuals starved for creativity.