Why I hate pop
Why I hate boy/girl bands
Why I hate Britney Spears
Dissecting a Pop CD
Oops I did it again
Its Gonna be Me
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'Revealing' pictures

The original boy toy. The backstreet toy, in essence this series was of models of boys that were toys. This includes the collection the now infamous bsb, nsync, five, 98 degrees and westlife. All were replaced (and got their asses kicked) by Alice Cooper

The boy toy part two was introduced to cater to a different market segment, ie boys in their genital phase and girls still in their psychosexual latency phase. She was in essence a toy for boys differing visibly from the original boy toy concept

This is a rare photograph taken when Britney tried to get some class by following cradle of filth around. In this picture, she tried to sneak into the frame, only to have her ass kicked when she was discovered.

Nsync returning after selling their soul to cthulhu.